The ‘Initiating Group’ in a Co-operative Inquiry

In order to anchor a Cooperative Inquiry process an ‘Initiating group’ is set up to launch the enquiry, as far as possible at all levels representing the host community, including relatives and the BCA team of consultant, facilitators and volunteers. The task of this group is described by Heron as three-stranded: to understand and accept the methodology being introduced, so that ‘they can make it their own’; to develop ‘participative decision-making and authentic collaboration so that the enquiry becomes truly cooperative’ to ‘ create a climate in which emotional states can be identified, so that distress and tension aroused by the enquiry can be openly accepted and processed, and joy and delight in it and with each other can be freely expressed.’* * From Heron Cooperative Inquiry: Research into the Human Condition Ch.4 1996 London/Sage In our projects we endeavour to identify goals, review these at the mid-point, and finally [...]