Kew Studio & Data Protection


This notice is relevant to all Kew Studio members, Trustees, employees and those on our mailing list. It regards the storage and use of your personal data by Kew Studio.

Who is responsible for the storage of your personal data?

The Studio Coordinator is the appointed data controller for Kew Studio. The Coordinator can be contacted at:

How does Kew Studio store and protect your personal data?

Kew Studio uses a password-protected computer system to store your data. Kew Studio uses both digital and operational measures to protect stored data, for example limiting the number of people who have access to it.

What data do we collect and store from you?

Kew Studio holds the following data from its members, Trustees and employees: Name, postal address, email address and telephone number.

Kew Studio holds the following data from its mailing list subscribers: Name and email address.

How does Kew Studio use your personal data?

As a member, employee or Trustee of Kew Studio, or a Kew Studio mailing list subscriber, you agree to your data (as detailed above) being processed, retained and used by Kew Studio for any legitimate purpose relating to its activities as a not-for-profit arts organisation.These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Communicating with you regarding your membership of or employment at Kew Studio.
  2. Sending you relevant updates and information relating to the activities of Kew Studio.

Third parties

Kew Studio will never sell or make available to a third party any aspect of your personal data unless your express prior consent has been obtained.

How to manage your communications from Kew Studio

As a mailing list subscriber you may choose to unsubscribe from Kew Studio communications at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the email.

How long does Kew Studio keep your data?

As a member, employee or Trustee, Kew Studio will retain your data as long as is necessary for the purposes of communication with you. We will actively review the personal data we hold and when there is no longer a need for us to hold it, we will delete it securely.

As a mailing list subscriber Kew Studio will retain your data only as long as you choose to subscribe to our communications.

Legal Information

The legal owner of this website is Kew Studio, a  company limited by guarantee incorporated in England & Wales under company no. 027207912.  Kew Studio is a registered Charity No. 1047199.  Our registered office address is St. Lukes House, 270 Sandycombe Road, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3NP. Telephone: 0208 332 2122.

Kew Studio is managed by our Studio Manager, Ali, who can be reached via email at