BCA is:

  • A staff and volunteer training and personal development programme
  • using listening and facilitation skills to celebrate our common humanity, creativity and inherent diversity

Building Community – bringing people together, sharing our diverse experience, insights and skills, and celebrating our collaboration (Concept)

Through Arts – playing with materials and ideas, working together as equals, experiencing ourselves and each other as creators (Medium)


Co-operative Inquiry – exploring ways to develop and improve how we live and work together, in a continuing cycle of shared ideas, actions and review (Method)

BCA Working Assumptions (values in action)

  • Valuing the other: however we live, wherever we are and however we are feeling there is always someone else who needs us to validate their identity and enable them to be more fully alive in the present moment
  • Valuing diversity: we can work with diversity as an opportunity rather than a threat by finding and valuing our differences in order to learn from them.
  • Sharing responsibility: we are interconnected and co-create our worlds for good or ill; therefore we are all responsible for giving or withholding our own unique contribution
  • Positive change: happiness comes from seeing the positive difference we can make to other people’s lives – and in doing so our own.
Kew Studio is managed by our Studio Manager, Ali, who can be reached via email at enquiries@kewstudio.org.