A Tribute to Taru Kapadia

Taru, a qualified architect, came to England from India in 1978 to join her husband.   She practiced in London until her first son was born, and then as a part time librarian in Richmond until after 1984 when her second son, Rohan, turned two. Over the following 15 years she suffered various health problems, fighting off breast cancer in the late 1980s and early 2000s. At the hospital, for treatment for breast cancer, they recommended art and somehow she found us,  'Building Community through Arts' (BCA), running a series of workshops at St. Luke's in the Avenue, Kew.  Joining the team she worked in a number of BCA projects, bringing together volunteers from schools and businesses to build community and release the creativity of all involved, giving participants' lives and work renewed inspiration and meaning. Amongst a variety of projects, Hilda Flint and Taru worked together on a pilot project [...]