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Fiona Bell

Fiona Bell

Fiona Bell is a painter and printmaker based in Chiswick.   She is interested in figurative works and still life, working mainly from prepared sketches.

As an interior designer Fiona has an instinctive love of colour and form.   Drawing with charcoal or wax forms the starting point for her compositions, often enhanced with collage.  Her designs play with the overlaying of shapes within a space and how these interact with each other.  She favours strong sweeping brush strokes using palettes inspired by Rose Hilton and Ivon Hitchens.

She is also a keen photographer and prepares silkscreens from photographs taken of local scenes near where she lives in Chiswick, playing with subtle changes of colour to alter the mood and emotion of the subject.

Fiona has exhibited and sold at the Bedford Park Art Festival 2011 and the Kew Studio Christmas Fair 2011.